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Marloes der Kinderen

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Marloes Der Kinderen was born in Eindhoven 1957. She studied Fine Art at the Academie St Joost in Hertogenbosch and in her early 20’s was running a modern art gallery in Eindhoven. Der Kinderen completed an education as a Fine Art teacher at TeHa Tex in Tilburg in the 1980’s taught at highschools in Eindhoven and Tilburg.  

Der Kinderen she established in 1989 an itenerary Art School, Artedu, with courses and workshops in Holland, Belgium and six different locations in France which attracted leading artists such as Rob Nypels,Bert Verhoeff, Marc Mildner and held workshops drawing and painting, photography, music, philosophy and creative writing courses.

As part of Artedu, Der Kinderen developed an art-training programme entitled CREAM Creative Active Management Development. CREAM combines of rightbrain drawing and management strategies for entrepreneurs.

In 1998 Der Kinderen initiated a Maison d’Hôte, Bed & Breakfast and restaurant  in La Grande Maison in Chanteuges, Auvergne; one of the sites of her Artedu workshops. Chanteuges has become a permanent centre for Artedu and also houses an atelier where Der Kinderen has finally had time to return to her own painting, collage and the last years her photographic works.

Der Kinderen currently splits her time between Chanteuges and a winter home on the ‘island’ of Marken, near Amsterdam


Autonomous and Art, Landscape, Lifestyle Interior