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The coronacrisis has big consequences for the photography sector. More and more photographers are in financial difficulties. One third even thinks they will stop as a professional photographer. That is a shame.

Corona does not hold back creativity

A lot has not happened, but also a lot has happened. Despite the cancellation of assignments, photographers continue to make beautiful work. Creativity does not stand still. It is important for photographers to have a platform where they can easily and efficiently promote their work to a wide audience and thus increase their chances of creating assignments. That is why we are also organizing the SO 2021 Award this year. The most beautiful stage to make the diversity of Dutch photography visible. We believe in the value of photography.

Selection Of 2021

SO 2021, Selection Of Dutch Photography Award, invites all professional photographers to present a selection of 7 to 12 photos of their work of the past year (2020). From advertising to documentary, from still life to portrait, we invite everyone to participate.

The competition has no categories and no distinction is made between commissioned photos and free work. The entry can be a mix of series and individual photos. It is important that your selection has its own signature, a personal vision, a contemporary image concept.

Students can submit entries in the SO 2021 Student Award category.

Jury mission

An internationally composed jury selects the best and leading photographers and then declares the winner during the award ceremony. The mission of the jury, consisting of experts from various relevant disciplines, is to select about 20 photographers from all submissions who together give a good impression of the zeitgeist. The selection should be a mix of all forms of photography. The guideline for the choice is the signature of the photographer and the coherence in content and / or form of the submission.

Public Award

This year we want to introduce the public award. The jury will select approximately 20 photographers from all entries and select a winner who will receive the SO 2021 Award. But who according to the public should win? This year everyone can vote for what they consider to be the best work of the selection of the jury. The entry with the most votes thus wins the SO 2021 Audience Award.

What does it cost?

Unfortunately, organizing a photography competition is not free of charge. That is why we ask for a small contribution for participation.

  • DuPho member 30 euros
  • DuPho student member 20 euros
  • Non-member 60 euros
  • Non-member student 40 euros

Planning SO 2021 Award

In April, all professional photographers will be able to submit a selection of their latest work to receive the coveted title ”Selection Of 2021”.

  • April 12 to May 2 website open for submissions
  • May 8-16, first online jury round
  • May 19 final jury selection
  • May 25 to 28 announcement of nominees via Instagram
  • June 14 to 28 votes for the public award
  • July 2 awards ceremony

SO Ambassadors

SO has ambassadors to encourage photographers to participate and to keep the field and customers informed about this award. Via the ambassadors SO establishes connections between the photographer and the client, the industry and the business community.

Competition and Entry Conditions

About DuPho

DuPho, the professional association for professional photographers in the Netherlands, is the organizer of the SO Award. DuPho represents all professional photographers in all categories and, with her background, members and contacts, knows the field inside and out. More than logical to initiate and award this selection and prize.