Carole Rey

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 Carole Rey is a French photographer who works and lives in the Netherlands. Her work has been exhibited throughout Europe and the US and received a silver medal at Prix de la Photographie de Paris for her series Hemicrania-Disambiguation. She has been published in Gum Tree, an American Library Arts Magazine and featured on Lenscratch with her series Forty Plus. Rey's work is a visual invitation to embrace diversity and beauty that life gives us but also to give suffering and pain a place. Fascinated by natural light and themes such as ageism, femininity and the circle of life, Rey likes to combine in her compositions decay and freshness in order to trigger the viewer in its perception of what beauty is. There is in Carole Rey's work a mystical and spiritual whiff but also something tragic like nature and life can be. 



Autonomous and Art, People and Portrait, Still-life