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- 1995: Started as a freelance assistant in R.dam / A.dam.
- 1997: went to NYC to work there as a freelance assistant.
worked with: Dana Lixenberg, Carli Hermes, Morad Bouchakour Auke Vleer
and a number of NYC based photographers.

- 1998: Start free-work project: "Young Talent" (portraits-series of young footbalplayers playing for the Dutch national team under 15)
- 1999 / 2000 went to the Solomon Islands for a free work photo project on the contrast between "traditional life" and the "new money economy".

- 2000 to present: worked as a freelance photographer for:
Dutch Playboy, Values ABN, Carp, NRC Magazine, Elle, Nautique, Rails, Villa d'Arte ....

- 2001 Documentary reportage in M magazine (NRC) on three upcoming young talents at Feyenoord

- 1999 / 2001 Exhibition (Gallery “Serieuze Zaken” / Rob Malas) with the series: "Young and Hungry" (from M magazine / NRC)

- 2002 free work projects, including "Young Talent" and "Freshmen" (a portrait series on freshmen students at RSC).

- 2002 Art Rotterdam (via Gallery "Serious Business") with the series' young talent "

- 2002 collaborated on a project for the Amsterdam daklozekrant ± along with 30 other photographers and writers. for one-off glossy publication. work is also exhibited from 25-6 to 9-7 in A.dam bookstore in high school and in shop windows in the Spuistraat.

- 2003 / 2008 documentary assignment for Tauw, along with another photographer commissioned by Duo Duo ...

- 2006 Back to the Solomon Islands report on the Tsunami in Gizo as part of the free work project on the contrast between "traditional life" and the "new money economy".

- 2008 start of series "Cuba 50 years after the revolution"
(to become a photo book whit publisher “Duo Duo”)
- 2010 / 2011 Part two series" Cuba 50 years later "

-2022 Next episode of the docu series Freshmen (20 years after) ... expo and publication (book) and new potraits of the boys ...


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