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Rick van der Vlies

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Rick van der Vlies, born in 1996, photographer and digital retoucher. Creating fashion, sporty and portrait images for advertising and editorial purposes. Home based in the area of Rotterdam and an office in Amsterdam. 

The ambition to become a professional, started out relatively young by photographing the streets of London and Rotterdam. Life out on the streets remained a source of inspiration as his career progressed. Meanwhile his other passion started to find its way into Rick’s work as a new form of inspiration: martial arts. The aesthetics, the intimacy and dynamics that he can find in this sport. 

Rick’s work can be defined as punchy, up close and colourful. 


Björn Borg, Crossfit Nultien, Dutch National Portrait Gallery RABO photographic portrait talent 2020, Greenleaf Enterprises B.V., GUAP, GUP NEW 2020, HUNTER magazine (NY), Kops Gym Amsterdam, KIEKIE, L’Homo, The Mindset Society, Myler, Sennheiser, Sungevity International, Supmedi, Underground sportclub, WE fashion, Women’shealth ...


And faces as Bert Kops, Brandon Lee Hoop, Frank Muñoz, Heisam Saleh, Josje Fontein, Jorina Baars, Kris-Anne Mulder, Victor Kuiks, Yasin Şeref Guren,  members of house of prodigy, members of House of Commes des Garçons ...



Advertising, Lifestyle Interior, People and Portrait