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Cris Toala Olivares

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Ecuadorian born Cris Toala Olivares (’82) moved to the Netherlands at age 18 to study medicines. During a volunteer job at a hospital in Gaza, he discovered the power of photography. By taking a portrait of a young patient, he was able to give a voice to this boy no one seemed to care about. Since that Cris started to work for news press agency Reuters and travelled around the world to tell stories of people without a voice. With these stories he won several international photography awards.

Nowadays Toala Olivares works as an independent photographer. He works amongst others for international renown magazines like Geo and National Geographic. This has enabled him to not only shoot the stories that touch him, but to take the time to dig into the subject deeper.

In 2014 Cris published the coffee table book ‘The Amsterdam Canals’.


Documentary, Journalism