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Jennifer Struikenkamp

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Hello and Welcome,

I am Jennifer and I am the owner of MicroENVISION which specialises in micro photography and videography. From my home in Amsterdam, the Netherlands or on site, I create refreshing, creative and educational photos en videos of microbes. My focus lies on telling stories about microbes with every image, realistic or artistic, and customizing this according to your wishes.

MicroENVISION evolved out of my passions for art and photography and my experience as a marine and microbiologist. The microbial world intrigues me not only because of its beauty, but because we have only scratched the surface of knowledge and possibilities that we can gain from this world. Microbes already contribute to the creation of sustainable solutions against global warming and plastic waste, as well as to the optimisation of health care. They are a big part of our bodies and lives and I am convinced that they will play an even bigger role in our future.

Herein lies my goal: to create images of microbes that will intrigue you and will make you want to know more about microbes, their beauty and their possibilities.

I would like to expand this goal in collaborating with likeminded people all around the world. Ranging from biotechnology, educational institutes, museums, zoos, food industry and hospitals to VR/AR experiences, publishers, art and design.

My images, of course, are also available to anyone who likes to have, for example, a picture of a microbe on their wall. Depending on your financial means we can discuss a good price, for I want this work to be available for every person.

I can provide a full range of services, including culturing the microorganisms, creating the images, editing photos and videos and providing background information and presentations.

Interested in collaborating or do you want to know more about my work? Contact me at

Additionally i work in the music industry as a singer/songwriter at Jennifer Wolve, creating a mix of cinematic music, with raw beats, a splash of the eighties and soul/pop/jazzy vocals. Currently I am writing a new album and sing with the Soundwise Choir of Fluitsma & van Tijn.

I simply love to create.

Jennifer Struikenkamp


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