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Greetings and a Warm Welcome,

I'm Jennifer, a Dutch-Indonesian woman based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I proudly introduce microENVISION, a venture specializing in the captivating world of photo and video micrography.

Whether I'm working from my home or out in the field, my passion is to craft refreshing, imaginative, and educational imagery of objects small enough to slip under my microscope's lens. My primary aim is to weave compelling narratives into each image, whether they lean towards realism or artistic expression, tailored to your preferences.

MicroENVISION was born from my twin passions for art and photography, coupled with my background as a marine and microbiologist. What captivates me about the microcosm is not only its inherent beauty but also the vast reservoir of knowledge and possibilities it offers. Microbes, for instance, are already contributing to sustainable solutions against global warming and plastic pollution, as well as revolutionizing healthcare. They are integral to our bodies and our lives, and I firmly believe they will play an even greater role in our future.

So, here's my overarching goal: to create images that intrigue you, sparking your curiosity about our micro-universe, its aesthetic wonders, and its boundless potential. Moreover, I'm dedicated to sharing insights into this captivating realm.

To realize this vision, I aspire to collaborate with like-minded individuals and organizations worldwide. From the realms of biotechnology, educational institutions, museums, zoos, and the food industry to hospitals, VR/AR developers, publishers, art enthusiasts, and designers.

I offer a comprehensive range of services, from microorganism cultivation to image creation and editing, along with providing background information and engaging presentations.

Affordability is important to me, and I'm open to discussing pricing options to ensure accessibility for all.

If you're interested in collaboration or wish to learn more about my work, please don't hesitate to reach out to me at

Warm regards,

Jennifer Struikenkamp



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